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About UsXi'an Xiyu Minnong Natural Food Co., ltd. is a subsidiary company of Shaanxi Meinong Group. We were established in Xi'an, China and specializing in plantation and international trade of nuts, fruits, dried fruits snack products. Shaanxi Meinong Group was established in 2009, owns plantation base and cooperates with dozens of farms in Xinjiang area. Within the first three years, Shaanxi Meinong became No.1 in nuts online sales in northwest part of China. With the rapid development, Shaanxi Meinong has founded almost 10 branches in Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Anhui and Zhejiang Provinces. The annual turnover reached USD 42 million in 2016.Xi'an Xiyu Minnong Natural Food Co., ltd was founded to expand the import-export business for Shaanxi Meinong Group. In recent years, we have built up long-term relationship with companies from Japan, Korea, United States, Russia, Malaysia and etc. Our Goal: Bring you 100% Natural Organic Healthy food, without any Additives.Products Range: Natural Organic Dried Fruits, Nuts, Fresh Fruits, Healthy Snacks, Beverages and Porridges and etc.Core Products: Premium red dates, Thin shell walnuts, Red date with walnut kernel, Golden raisins, Goji berries, Highland barley oatmeal and Black skin peanuts Certificates: QS | ISO9001 | HACCP | HALAL | SGS Xiyu Minnong Natural Food Co., ltd dedicates in providing excellent products, competitive price and warmest service to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with domestic and foreign clients.
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Shaanxi, China
मुख्य उत्पादकुल कर्मचारी
301 - 500 People
कुल वार्षिक राजस्व
US$50 Million - US$100 Million
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